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5 Interesting Facts About Organic Food You Probably Weren’t Aware Of Until Now

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When it comes to organic food, what do you know about it? Would you like to test your knowledge with our list of interesting facts about organic? Perhaps there is something here that you did not really know about before. For instance, did you know that organic food can actually contain pesticides? Yup.

For that and a couple more interesting facts about organic food, keep reading!

1. Organic Food Is Affordable

There is this myth doing the rounds that organic food is extremely expensive and that only rich people can reap the benefits from eating organic. That is complete nonsense – as the industry is growing at a rapid pace, more and larger stores are bringing organic to the people at affordable prices. Not to mention community-inspired initiatives that allow citizens to buy organic produce straight from the source.

2. Organic Fish? It’s a Lie

If you are buying any fish products that states it is organic, think again. This is due to the fact that there are no formal regulations in place yet to correctly classify fish and seafood as organic. Those fish and seafood products you’ve bought with an organic label on? Rather bin it, as these products have not been tested or did not meet any standards plus you might just pay more.

3. Packaged Food Is Not Necessarily Organic

That box of oatmeal cookies with the attractive organic sticker on? That’s not entirely organic. Some of the ingredients used may have been organic, but that does not make the entire product organic. Be sure to check the labeling for dead-giveaways. A product that will state it is 100% organic has to undergo testing and all ingredients listed be organic. Other than that, packaging should indicate if not all ingredients used to make the product was organic.

4. Organic is Shipped in From All Over

Whether you enjoy your Kenyan coffee blend or your spicy tea from India – all your most-loved organic products that are imported undergo the same process when establishing whether it complies with the regulations to be labeled as organic. The standard for organic food and organic food labeling is the same everywhere in the world.

5. What Came First, The Chicken or the Egg?

When you buy chicken or eggs that are labeled as organic, you can be 100% sure that the source of the product was not kept in a cage or received antibiotics. This merely means that organic chickens are not kept in a cage at all, and what they eat is what they get on their patch of earth. So, next time when you feel confused about whether to buy organic eggs or free-range, you know it is basically the same thing.

We hope you enjoyed our little list of interesting facts about organic food, and that you will be enjoying more and more organic products and produce nonetheless. Here’s a great articleabout organic food trends of 2018.

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