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4 Great Benefits of Switching to Organic Cooking

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The organic food industry is a booming business. Some people believe it as a “go-green” approach seeing it as an environmentally friendly option and some embrace the organic market for health-related self-improvement reasons. Organic products are more expensive and not as easy to obtain, resulting in the question if it is worth the effort? Let us dive into the benefits of making the switch.

#1 Lower Levels of Unhealthy Chemicals

Conventional food products contain various levels of pesticides, toxic metals,and preservatives. Chemical pesticides consumption is linked to a variety of health deteriorating diseases and disorders such as cancers, digestive dysfunctions, headaches, ADHD, birth defects and developmental delays in infants, weakened immune systems and reduced sperm quality in men. Different fertilization techniques contribute to a much less percentage of toxic heavy metals that accumulate in liver and kidneys. Food labeled as organic is grown without the use of most synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers and is a preferable choice to attain better overall health. An additional bonus is that organic food is often fresher and full of flavor since it doesn’t make use of preservatives for an extended shelf life.

#2 Organic Foods Are Not Genetically Modified

Organic foods are GMO-free, meaning they are not genetically engineered in their natural state. The modern food industry is flooded with products with altered DNA, which is a great safety and health concern. It is believed that genetically modified products are a leading cause of slowed brain growth, internal organ damage, gastrointestinal disorders and the thickening of the digestive tract. The consumption of organic foods rather than GMO foods is a much healthier option.

#3 Environmental Safety

Organic foods are locally grown and pose minimal interference to the ecosystem and environmental resources that support thehealthy and sustainable living. Harmful chemicals are limited in organic farming, which is not only beneficial to human health as mentioned but also beneficial to the environment. Organic farming practices lead to minimize pollution of water, air,and soil, thereby ensuring a healthier environment and sustainable ecosystem.

#4 Consumption of Highly Nutritious Food Products

Organic food products contain very high nutritional content because they do not contain modified ingredients, they are given time to develop and are provided with the best natural conditions for growth. Organic meat and milk are of the highest quality due to the absence of foreign and unhealthy antibiotics and other drugs in the products. Organic products are always higher in vitamin and mineral contents, as well as thegreater percentage of omega-3 fatty acids instead of saturated fats and contain significant antioxidants. The consumption of organic products also strengthens the immune system due to the nutritious capacity and the absence of the modification of products.

Organic foods most definitely constitute an enormous general health improvement as well as sustainable farming principles beneficial to the environment; great reasons for a booming market to continue expanding and spreading its wings into modern households.

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