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4 of The Best Health Food Stores in Denver

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If you are new to the health food movement, you might wonder where the best places would be to go to your health food shopping. Even those who have been eating health foods, focusing on eating raw and buying organic products, sometimes have no clue where to find the best products and fresh produce at the best prices.

Not to worry, we’ve done some homework and found 4 of the very best health food stores located in Denver, just for you. All you need to do is get your shopping list ready and choose any of these top-rated stores before going shopping.

#1 Natural Grocers

21 - 4 of The Best Health Food Stores in Denver

This mega-health food store’s story alone is so inspirational, anyone would switch to health foods just by their testament. The family-owned company was founded in 1955 when Margaret got chronically ill and was instructed by a trusted nutritionist to adjust her diet and switch to nutrient-rich foods and natural supplements. She recovered from her illness, and right there, the family was inspired to educate others on the benefits of healthy living, but also make healthy foods accessible to everyone. Read more about their five founding principles here.

#2 Sprouts Farmers Market

22 - 4 of The Best Health Food Stores in Denver

At this megastore, you will be spoilt for choice with all things healthy and organic. The store’s modus operandi is to promote healthy living, by providing health foods and products that are affordable. They also aim to educate their customers and empower them with knowledge about health foods and healthy living, all the while trying to make the world a better place with multiple community service and volunteering efforts.

#3 Trader Joe’s

23 - 4 of The Best Health Food Stores in Denver

Formerly known as Pronto Markets, Trader Joe’s go out of their way to ensure the consumer gets the very best products and fresh produce at the very best prices, ensuring they add value to all their clients’ lives. They also specialize in certain products, and when you get something you won’t usually get at the local grocer, you probably expect to pay an arm and a leg. Not at Trader Joe’s. For value for money, and value for health, choose Trader Joe’s.

#4 Savory Spice Shop

24 - 4 of The Best Health Food Stores in Denver

And what would a list of the best health stores be without a great spice shop? This little gem of a store offers customers a great variety of spices and spice mix, including other condiments that are all carefully grounded freshly each day. For filling up your spice rack, there is no better place to go than Savory Spice Shop – brighten any dish with some of the tastiest spices.

And that is a wrap – we hope you have found this list helpful, and that if you haven’t heard of any of these stores, or visited them before, that you would go give them a shot! It’s worth it.

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