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4 Nutrition Trends You Need to Follow Right Now

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Keeping up with the latest trends is almost like keeping up with the Kardashians. Especially when it comes to health foods, organic food, super food, and all those things that are listed as good for you and your body. Sometimes, those things we are told are good for us end up taking the rap and is labeled as bad, and vice versa. You will never truly know what and who to believe.

When it comes to eating healthy and living a balanced life,however, you can trust your gut, but most importantly, you can trust us, we are the experts! We always stay up-to-date with the latest health food trends and will know which ones are worth following. In this article, we take a look at some of those trends worth following.

Cottage Cheese is King

Looking for a quick protein boost that will keep you fuller for longer? Instead of digging into that Greek yogurt, why not spread some cottage cheese on that slice of toast? Cottage cheese will start becoming more and more popular, as it is packed with wholesome goodness that is low in sugar and artificial enhancers. The protein content, casein, is also what causes you to eat less and feel fuller for longer.

Healthy Fats Rise Up

Yes, it’s been a long time that healthy fats are enjoying some much-deserved prominence in the world of healthy diets and meals, but it is becoming even more popular still. Especially omega 9 fats, seen in algae and algae oil. Omega 9 fats are good for your heart and are known to decrease the possibility of heart disease due to its high content of saturated and monounsaturated fats.

Health Takeaways are Tops

With the constant increase and growth in the health awareness industry and more and more people seeking out healthier replacement options for convenience foods and takeaways such as McDonald’s or Burger King, a lot of health food takeaway restaurants are starting to open doors. At these spots, you can order a quick and super healthy plant-rich meal, smoothie, or salad. Convenience has indeed become healthy. The wait was worthwhile!

Get Your Bacteria On

Don’t love sauerkraut all that much? Tough luck! Fermented products are continuously gaining popularity and you’d better get used to it too! Due to the high content of good bacteria in fermented foods such as kimchi and kombucha, these foods are great for your digestive system. Not to mention the boost in your immune system you get because of the microflora!

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the top health food trends, and that if you are not a fan of any of these, you will at least give it one shot and let us know whether you will be adapting your diet and meal plans from now on! Think you are eating healthy foods? Read this article where we explore unhealthy foods that you thought were healthy.

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