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5 Indulging Foods You Can’t Stop Eating That is Actually Good for You

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We all have our favorite snack foods or our little indulgences. There is no shame in that. Some people can’t help eating chocolate, while others opt for nuts and crisps. Whatever your guilty pleasure, we are sure you will find at least one of them on this list with some of the most surprising healthy foods on it. So, to ease your mind and without further ado, let’s dig in (pun intended) and discover some of the foods you can continue indulging in.

#1 Popcorn

Probably an obvious contender and most people know this, but if you feel like having a salty snack (of course it is better eaten without anything on it), why not stick to thepopcorn. This movie-goers delight is great for multiple reasons and packed with fiber. Like we said, if you eat it as is, this is your healthiest option for a quick snack while watching a movie at home or in the theater.

#2 Eggs

If you don’t like eggs, you’ll love it now. Eggs are a great source of protein and perfect to kick-start your day. Poached of course is the best option for a healthy egg, but you can eat it any way you like it too. Baked, boiled, scrambled. A single egg holds 13 different nutrients that are good for you, as well as unsaturated fats. For a balanced brekkie, stick to eggs.

#3 Oysters

Also known as an essential aphrodisiac, you won’t mind seducing your partner with the knowledge that it will also be great for your health. Oysters are extremely high in zinc and vitamin D –both acts as the perfect partners to boost your immune system.

#4 Spices

Even though we would suggest to lay off the salt, you can use spices as much as you like. A lot of spices and herbs have healing properties. In fact, did you know that turmeric (used in curries) and cinnamon are known for their properties to decrease certain illnesses and diseases? Even though this is not yet officially confirmed, an active ingredient in turmeric might well be able to fight off cancer.

#5 Chocolate

Did you know that eating chocolate can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure? Yes! That doesn’t mean you can go ahead and eat a block of chocolate in one go altogether, but eating a little bit at a time is considered to be very healthy. Just the right amount of chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) can even reduce the risk of diabetes.

Remember, having a special treat every now and then is not cheating when you choose your indulgences wisely. Also, be wary of over-indulging, as that might as well have the complete opposite effect! We hope you have found this list of facts interesting and insightful and that you will enjoy eating these foods even more from now on. For some more on healthy recipes, be sure to check out this article.

info2 - 5 Indulging Foods You Can’t Stop Eating That is Actually Good for You
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