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5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t

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Sometimes we set our minds to do something good for our wellbeing and with the sincerest intentions we endeavor to make better choices in our eating habits. We say no to that juicy burger or stay away from ayummy doughnut, and we settle for our not-so-favorite foods. What if you find out that your new “healthy” friend glooming in your lunch box isn’t so healthy? Let us look at some of the most common unhealthy “healthy” foods you might be indulging.

1.Bran and other healthy muffins

31 - 5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t
A muffin with some healthy ingredients bobbed up in the name seems like a healthy hero. While these muffins might consist of ingredients with a healthy whole grain source of fiber, it becomes much less nutritious when baked into a towering muffin with all the unhealthy components of sugar, flour, and fat. A health muffin can have even more calories and sugar than a doughnut, depending on its size. Nowadays muffins are puffed up in size; add the jam, butter, cheese,and cream on the side and your shallow healthy ingredient is bullied away.

2.Trail mix and dried fruits

32 - 5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t
Most fruit trail mixes contain salted nuts, sweetened dried fruits and unhealthy add-ons such as chocolate chips, yogurt-covered fruit pieces,and deep-fried banana chips. Dried fruit does contain fiber and vitamins, but with the accompanying sugar and sulfur to increase shelf-life, it is an unhealthy version of the real McCoy. Rather opt for nutritious fresh fruit containing less sugar and are more satiating.

3.Prepared and Fast-Food Salads

33 - 5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t
The word “salad” can be very misleading to create the illusion of healthy eating. Prepared and fast-food salads are often loaded with hidden fats and calories due to their unhealthy salad dressings and toppings like croutons, nuts, deep-fried meats,and cheeses. The portion size and add-on ingredients can create an explosive calorie-bomb.


34 - 5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t
Once again, the size and add-on ingredients usually decrease the health-aspect of a smoothie. The blended fruit and low-fat dairy or coconut-milk base of the smoothie might be healthy, but combine the glamorous size of fructose with added sugar, ice cream, syrups or a heap of nuts and you have yourself a high-calorie meal.


35 - 5 Foods You Thought Were Good for You, But Isn’t
You look past the burger or a toasty and fill your tummy with a healthy wrap, or so you thought. A wrap full of lean protein and veggies may appear to be a lighter choice, but don’t be fooled. Wraps often have more calories, saturated fat, and sodium than two slices of whole-grain bread. The ingredients of a tortilla wrap usually contain refined flours and hydrogenated oils resulting in less fiber and contain trans-fats. Once again, the gigantic size and filling of your wrap together with fat-based dressings can make a wrap an unhealthy dish, not only for one but even for two.

In healthy eating, it is essential to read labels for hidden calorie-monsters and fats. Keep the basic ingredients, moderate sizes, fewer add-ons and enjoy the simple and natural version of your healthy meal. It is always better to make these seem-to-be healthy snacks at home. This will enable you to limit the size and to know what you put in.

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