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3 Surprisingly Healthy Ingredients You Should Have in Your Kitchen, Always

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It’s easy to just give in and buy all the necessities without even thinking twice. But we’ve come a very long way from relying on what is available, to buying food that is good for us and can possibly actively fight off harmful diseases or simply make our bodies function optimally.

Instead of buying the basics and not thinking twice about your grocery list or meal plan, why not give it some thought and plan better, healthier shopping that will ensure you and your family get the best possible meals that will enhance their health and living experience.

1. Chickpeas

There is no end to the versatility of this ingredient – whether you buy canned or dry, chickpeas go with just about anything and a lot can be made from it. Add it to a green salad, or use it to make a scrumptious veggie patty, the possibilities are endless. What’s so great about chickpeas? Chickpeas are packed with soluble and insoluble fiberwhich is great for digestion and lowering the risk of heart disease and decreases cholesterol. Having a couple of these in your cupboard is a must!

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2. Cilantro

This herb has much more to offer than fantastic flavor, and those who have it at hand will be sure to tell you why they love having cilantro for spicing things up a bit. Cilantro is also versatile and can be used as a garnish with spicy foods, or as a main ingredient in yummy dips. The benefit of keeping Cilantro around is that this herb helps the stimulation of insulin release – which makes it an ideal have-to ingredient for diabetics.

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3. Turkey

And more specifically, turkey legs. Braised in a pan to keep this delicious white meat moist and juicy, you can use it for just about anything. Whether you want to make a quick salad, healthy sandwiches, or snacks for the barbeque, you’ll be able to eat it anytime, knowing that it is good for you. Turkey is rich in Vitamin B, protein, selenium and zinc. There is no doubt that having some turkey on your shopping list is a definite must, from now on.

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Now, there are of course a lot of healthy ingredients that should be in your cupboard, fridge,and freezer at all times to ensure you consume only the best foods and food types that will enhance your life and ultimately your health, but these three are a good starting point to start including on your shopping list today.

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