About Us

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Welcome to Natural Health Cape, your inspirational source of organic foods, naturally.

Here you will be delighted with a great source of inspiration on how to start living healthier, by making minor adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

Professional nutritionist, James Cano, established the blog with the key goal to educate and inform people on the benefits of incorporating healthier foods and meal planning as well as the long-term side-effects of opting for unhealthy or ‘easy’ eating. The blog has grown into a massive success where health food professionals from all walks of life are welcomed to chime in and give their expert opinions and tips on healthier living.

What we do

As nutritionists and foodies, we’re all about enjoying food, while keeping it healthy. Our team members provide expert opinions on healthy eating habits, recipes, and sources where our readers can learn about the benefits of organic foods, raw, and other informational pieces. Our articles are presented in such a way that even those switching to healthy food for the first time will enjoy and learn from it.

Who this blog is for

If you are experiencing any health issues, and are looking for ways to live a healthier life, this blog is for you. Even if you are looking to lose some weight, and find some balance in the process, you will have access to great content and tips with regards to healthy cooking and living.

Our readers are also welcome to join our team of writers by submitting their own articles – whether you want to share your transformational story, or if you are an expert in the field of health foods, we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome, and enjoy our fresh ideas and recipes while becoming a healthier, happier you.